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Lease Provisions

Applicant hereby agrees as follows:

Applicant understands that, in consideration of this Application, Landlord has taken a rental space off of the market and reserved it specifically for Applicant pending the processing of this Application and, unless the Application is rejected, pending the execution and return of all lease documents.

  1. Landlord shall have a reasonable time after receipt of the executed documents to verify that they are properly completed and to investigate the Applicant. Within 5 days after notice from Landlord, which notice may be in person or by telephone, or in writing. Applicant shall have any incomplete or improperly completed and executed documents completed and any unacceptable guarantor replaced with an acceptable guarantor. Otherwise, Landlord may cancel this Application and retain the application fee as liquidated damages.

Applicant may not take possession of the apartment until: (a) all lease documents including are properly executed by all parties and delivered to Landlord; (b) rent is paid to Landlord in accordance with Lease; and (c) apartment is available.

Applicant understands and acknowledges that a specific apartment will not be assigned until all applicants are approved by Landlord and rent is paid in full. Indicate N/A if no minor(s) will be residing with the Applicant.

The information provided in this Application is true, correct and complete. Any misstatement or omission of fact in this Application may result in termination of my Lease for cause.

Time is of the essence with respect to the agreements set forth in this Application.

The undersigned hereby authorize Landlord to obtain credit reports and conduct such other investigations of Applicant and /or Guarantors, as Landlord deems necessary in connection with this Application and leasing of the Apartment to Applicant.

Some of our communities may charge an application fee. The community will contact you regarding any fees to be paid so that we process your application.

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